The First National Bank in Sioux Falls

On the hierarchy of banking website needs, secure and easy-to-use are at the top. But we’re also human beings who love a good story. That’s why The First National Bank in Sioux Falls placed storytelling at the center of their new redesign.

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Sioux Falls, SD


User Interface & Experience, Visual Design, Front-End Development, Back-End Development

First National Bank Sioux Falls
Here's How It All Went Down

Story-driven design

Stories have narrative arcs — the new FNBSF site has them too. We worked with the FNBSF team to knit the organizational structure around the journeys of their audiences. New visitors can explore product offerings using a story-driven flow, while existing customers can quickly find account logins in a fixed, prominent position on every page of the site.

We flattened the site architecture to reduce clicks and surface content when and where the visitor needs it. This included a revamped navigation with quicklinks and interactive touches like easy access to call or email bankers by hovering over their picture.

First National Bank Sioux Falls homepage details
First Impressions Matter

Focusing on content

In addition to improved content quality, the site underwent a complete visual overhaul to make sure the content was also presented in a polished manner. A renewed focus on the reading experience shortened copy and improved the layout.

Explore the site and you’ll find new account comparison tools, a social feed highlighting FNBSF culture, and new calls to action right where customers need them. We also wove blog articles throughout the site and added recirculating navigation to encourage exploration.

First National Bank Sioux Falls site details

The result? A fresh new design centered on storytelling. Plus, the launch process was so smooth that the customer support team didn’t receive a single call. We call that a good finish.

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Digital Strategy

Optimized site for search

With content focused around the story, culture, and expertise of The First National Bank in Sioux Falls, we still needed to ensure the right search terms were bringing people to the site. To maximize this traffic, we conducted in-depth research to identify relevant keywords with high search volume and good ranking potential. In other words, we found out what real humans are searching for when looking for the bank and we optimized the entire site around that data.

Organic traffic is a top acquisition channel, and continues to rank very well in this space. How do we know this? We measure it.

FNB Says
We wanted to make our online experience easier and better. Electric Pulp helped us do that in a way that’s like nothing else in this market.