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One of the things that sets us apart is our ability to design and implement pivotal projects, campaigns and strategies on tight timelines. We have nearly 20 years of experience helping clients succeed online, and we're just getting started.

Meet the Team Behind Electric Pulp.

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Based in the Midwest, with a Few Exceptions

Our experienced team is primarily based in Sioux Falls, SD with team members spread across 4 timezones.

Our History

The Year was 1996 and the Internet was Strange and New

The Story of Electric Pulp

When we set out in 1996, the Internet was still strange and new. While many of us were beginning to see the potential of online business, starting an agency to help others tap into that potential was something of a gamble. We were, after all, still figuring it out on our own.

A lot of our early work was done in partnership with larger agencies that had existing client relationships. We launched a few straight-forward websites, but most of our projects were focused on large-scale strategic solutions. In other words, we helped organizations do business online.

As the web evolved, so did we. It quickly became apparent that the web was its own medium and required a new way of thinking. As a result, we grew into a full-service interactive firm.

We still work on projects of all shapes and sizes, but we’ve earned a reputation implementing high-end creative solutions on rapid timelines. We launched the Go Further site for Ford Motor Company’s global re-branding. We worked with Al Gore’s start-up to launch the Climate Reality Project. We’ve even built sites for Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart.

Through it all, we’ve been able to hold onto what we loved about the web in 1996, back when everything was strange and new. We’ve added a strong dose of confidence to that sense of wonderment, though.

That brings us to the present. We’ve built a portfolio we’re very proud of. From global brands to neighborhood friends, we approach all our work with the same energy, the same drive to get it right. It’s a big part of who we are.

We aren’t sure what happens next, but maybe we get to do something with you. We’re looking forward to it.