My Modern Met

My Modern Met is an online city celebrating creative ideas. Its mission is to promote a positive culture by spotlighting the best sides of humanity.

Client Location

New York, NY


Strategy, User Interface & Experience, Visual Design, Front-End Development, Javascript Programming

My Modern Met mobile homepage details

Responsive Goodness.

With an average of 3 million visitors coming to the site each month looking for articles on art, design, technology, environmental issues, and more, the site needed to be as accessible as possible. As you can imagine, optimizing for all viewports was essential.

It would be easy to say the site was planned mobile first, but the real goal wasn’t to rank experiences. Just as My Modern Met celebrates diversity through it’s publishing, they wanted to plan for it in terms of browsing experience. It probably goes without saying that the site is fully Responsive. It has been optimized for all.

My Modern Met homepage details

Multiple templates (variety is the spice of life)

My Modern Met publishes a wide range of articles across multiple topics. In addition, articles are highly visual, and the site needed to act much like a museum does in that it needs to spotlight the art without getting in the way.

We created a flexible publishing system with multiple presentation templates. This keeps the site fresh and clean while allowing each article to be best presented across genres, all without losing focus on the content.

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