Hello Duo

Just about every project we work on at Electric Pulp is Responsive. Some are created mobile first, some aren’t. The idea that these views are distinct, though, is something we’re trying to squash.

Why DUO?

We try to consider all views throughout the process, but it’s hard. So, we built a dual-paned web browser that lets you browse the web in two views. The first pane is whatever you use on the desktop/laptop/whatever – set this however you like. The second pane, though, is set to a standard ‘mobile’ view. Everywhere you go, you get both views.

For us, it lets the entire team quickly test and work through multiple screen experiences rather than considering them separately. It hasn’t replaced any of the tools we use, it just gives us one more way to think about it. You can find Duo on the App Store and learn more at helloduo.com.

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