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This Book And Its Website Could Be The Last Hope For The Human Race
New York, NY

Jon Stewart and the The Daily Show writers put together a comprehensive human compendium, and it needed a really nice companion website. For aliens.

Jon and the writers of the Daily Show had a book nearing publication and just needed a way to promote it – it’s not like they had a wildly popular show to use as a promotion engine. Okay, they did, but they needed a homebase for the book all the same.

Our discovery phase was an advance copy of the book complete with a fold-out pin-up of Larry King for the office. The book, of course, is hilarious. Our job was to play off that and make something that wasn’t just a static website.

So, we added a genetic reconstitution application (it’ll make sense when you read the book) that created a profile and let users recruit friends to vote them up or down. The goal was to get to a point deemed worthy for future reconstitution by aliens in the unavoidable event that they take over Earth. We made it tough to get there but fun to try.

Screen capture of the Earth The Book

Screen capture of the Earth The Book
Candidates were given a special avatar if they failed to upload their own.
Screen capture of the Earth The Book
The Reconstitution Form was designed after old school paper forms like the ever-intrusive ones you fill out at the doctor’s office.

As fans of the show, the team was very excited for the chance to talk to Jon Stewart directly. Jon excused himself early from the first conference call, though, telling us, "I... have to go get some stamps." Good enough for us.

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