Screen capture of the Progressive Helmet app

Case Study

Have App. Will Travel.

Progressive Paint Shop
A Collaboration with Match Action

Native? Nope. Web.

Progressive was looking for a fun and interactive way to reach bikers during their marketing tour. The plan was to create a virtual paint shop that would let people create custom motorcycle tanks and, later, helmets that could then be printed out and/or shared with friends.

The tanks and helmets had to look ‘real’. Customizations had to include color, finish, graphics and pins that could be sized, positioned, etc. At first blush, it seemed like a pretty clear call for a native app, but the requirements dictated otherwise. We needed the app to feel native with all the controls and interactions, but we needed it to be accessible from both tablets and desktop, and we needed to be able to post updates quickly. We needed the best of both worlds.

Screen capture of Progressive Helmet app

The app looks and feels like a native app but is entirely web-driven.

Screen capture of Progressive Helmet app

Fully Customizable Graphics

Motorcyclists can select from a wide variety of options to create a helmet or tank that is all their own. As it turns out, this is pretty fun stuff.

We built a custom interface that allowed the user to create a custom SVG image. All of the color choices, graphics and pinstripes, fits and finishes came together to create the person’s perfect tank or helmet. Once it’s all locked in, people can share their masterpiece on facebook or twitter, send it to print or just save it to the gallery.

Because this tool is part of an overall marketing campaign, it was important to be able to track and understand the number of people creating tanks and sharing them. Hidden from public view, a powerful admin dashboard provides the necessary metrics to report on the success of the project.

Services Provided

  • Discovery
  • Interaction Design
  • Interface Design
  • Strategy