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Passive Drivers Need Not Apply

Nissan Motor Company

So, you want to check out Nissan’s Performance vehicles. What better way than to get a supercar out onto a track and race one?

If this sounds good, you need to get signed up for a Nismo Performance Academy event. To be honest, it’s tough to get in. But that isn’t because the website is difficult–we were actually brought in to make sure it isn’t–it’s because there are a limited number of spots available.

If you do get in to one of the track driving events, you’re getting a taste of some of our recent Responsive site work. The whole site is Responsive, of course, but we took a little added pleasure in showing just how nice a multi-step sign up form can work on a phone.

Screen capture of Nismo

There’s more to the site if you’re willing to look around, but we won’t hold it against you if you get distracted by the supercars.

A Nissan wheel

The Devil is in the Details

The site featured large high-resolution images of the cars that were available at the track events. A little eye candy for the target audience.

Screen capture of Nismo on mobile and desktop devices

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