Case Study

Academic Research for the Masses
Rochester, NY is the place to go to find scientific discoveries from top research universities around the world. Well, it is now.

You might think that scientific research sells itself –especially when it’s free– but it turns out finding, exploring and reading SCIENCE can be hard work, especially on a mobile device. Futurity understood this and asked if we could help.

Screen capture of the

We worked with the Futurity team to create a well-organized, Responsive site that focuses heavily on attractive, readable typography to invite visitors in to start browsing and reading. The new design lends an air of credibility that very quickly becomes locked in by the content itself.

Screen capture of the Futurity on a phone and tablet

We’ve never felt that finding and reading content should be hard work, and we got the chance to prove our theory. We’re pretty sure our findings aren’t actually scientific, but we feel good about it. Some guy with a clipboard told us we nailed it.

Screen capture of Futurity’s content flow

Hey, Don’t go Just Yet

We used a linear flow to feature engaging content and keep users engaged — and learning.

Every article ends with a heavily emphasized next step for you to click on. The Futurity team backs up the design with their incredible ability to write engaging titles.








We can’t really steal the credit for their growing popularity, but we’re happy we had the chance to be involved with the site. We love the way it turned out.

Services Provided

  • Discovery
  • Interaction Design
  • Interface Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Strategy