Futurity.org is the place to go to find scientific discoveries, videos and interviews from top research universities around the world. Well, it is now.



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New York, NY

What We Do

Strategy, Information Architecture, User Interface & Experience, Visual Design, Front-End Development, Back-End Development

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You might think that scientific research sells itself –especially when it’s free– but it turns out finding, exploring and reading SCIENCE can be hard work, especially on a mobile device. Futurity understood this and asked if we could help.

How Do You Take Advantage Of Traffic?

Give 'em what they want.

The Futurity site was completely restructured to better engage visitors who find the site via social sharing on Facebook and Twitter or discovery engines like StumbleUpon.

In order to better showcase all that Futurity has to offer, we re-architected the site structure to better showcase their most popular stories. We also included filtering so you can adjust your results between currently popular items, or all time favorites.

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What Was Involved

A fresh approach.

With Futurity expanding beyond reporting on academic research studies and starting to include slideshows, video and Q&A sessions, we needed a new take on how content was presented. We provided unique templates that the Futurity team could customize as needed.

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Well That Was Fun

The improvements add up.

The resulting site further improves on the typography we implemented during the last redesign, while accommodating the changes that have taken place with Futurity over the last couple years. The new design lends an additional air of credibility that very quickly becomes locked in by the content itself.

We’ve never felt that finding and reading content should be hard work, and we got the chance to prove our theory. We’re pretty sure our findings aren’t actually scientific, but we feel good about it. Some guy with a clipboard told us we nailed it.